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“Why Crispyraspberries?” many people asked me.
“Why not?” I asked back.
“Are raspberries ever crispy at all?” people insisted.
“Of course they are!” I replied.
“Oh, I get it – this is child’s play!” some people said.
“Well, yes and no... Crispyraspberries remind us of all the small and simple, magical things that only kids’ eyes can see."

Hi, my name is Evi Psaltidi. Originally from Athens, Greece, I live and paint in Vienna, Austria. Children’s imagination has always fascinated me, so I created Crispyraspberries as my excuse for dwelling in fantasy land. I paint with water colours because I like the transparency and simplicity that is typical of this material. Simplicity and naivety are main features of my artwork, which was initially inspired by my children and later on, by the children I see hiding inside the adults around me.
My illustrations aspire to tell a tale and bring out the child within. Crispyraspberries are narratives about people and things that shape our daily lives.
If you see something you are interested in or want something unique for someone special, feel free to contact me.

fairy tales I love narrating stories. Mum Proud mum of 4. Love sailing & sea Maritime signal flags . Brush My passion, watercolors! Picnic I just adore it! Pink sunglasses "Always look at the bright side of life" (Monty Python) Perfume "A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future" (Coco Chanel) Programme I love to have a schedule for every day.

Mini Me

"mini Me" are small portraits that reflect how you see from your own perspective your loved ones.

With the information you give me, I will illustrate in the painting features that will be attributed in a particularly "childish" way referring to a fairy tale. The end result is a unique portrait which you inspired in its creation.

Mini me Gallery



Weather Vane





Meeting point

Mountain Bike





Train station


My Lego City

My Horse my Gown

Make up

Life is a matter of balance

Four Seasons

Fairy Tales

Princess and the pea


Red Riding Hood

Snow White

My Prince, my Rose

Sleeping Beauty

Birth Announcements


High quality giclee print on slightly textured matte Fine Art Paper, size A3+, packaged up in a sealed cello sleeve.


High quality giclee print on slightly textured matte Fine Art Paper, size A3+, packaged up in a sealed cello sleeve.


Personalised Invitations

You have organized everything and you just need the finishing touch – the invitation!
Custom-made for you, a Crispyraspberries invitation adds a personal touch to any special occasion, be it a wedding, an anniversary, a party, a baby shower or a graduation.
Impress your guests with an original invite to the event you’re about to share together!

Upcoming Events


  • 11 -13 January 2020
    Find us at nordstil in Hamburg
    Hall A3.0 D76

  • 27 -29 Juli 2019
    Find us at nordstil in Hamburg
    Hall A3.0 D76

  • 3 -5 January 2019
    Find us at Trendset in Munich
    C3F 36A

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